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Advantages of fine brewing beer

About Craft Beer:

1、Max keeps the freshment and nutrition content of beer, includes more than 17 types of amino acid and 8 of them are necessary for body. The yeast protein which is as good as animal protein can well improve the nutrition balance of body. And more than 11 kinds of vitamin especially VitaminB.   

2、Bright beer, Black beer, Wheat beer, Green beer and IPA beer etc and be produced to satisfy different market and customer requirements.

3、Clean and smooth bubble tastes good with a nice smell of hops, malts and yeast.

4、Easy raw material and operation with a short production time and high volume.


It contents:

Bright beer:Brewing with best barley and imported hops , nice and soft tast. Includes wheat beer and barley beer.

Black beer: For the import of black malt and malt as the main material, with more high quality barley brewing. Pure taste, mellow wine body, obvious malt aroma; rich in nutrients, in addition to contain a certain amount of low molecular sugars and amino acids, also contains a variety of vitamins, content is 3-4 times higher than other beer, enjoy the reputation of "black milk".

Wheat Beer :Wheat with barley as raw materials, with exquisite wine making technology to produce aroma of beer, especially suitable for ladies to drink.

IPA Beer :It discovered in India the United States carried forward, his rich varieties is beer enthusiasts around the world of choice, it can be suitable for all ages of beer lovers. Only drink IPA in order to realize the secret.

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